New UI mod design–feedback requested

Ok – I’ve been toying around with the UI mod code for a bit now and I feel like I can a new ui mod for us.  I’m not exactly sure what info I want to display and would like some feedback.  I’m going to post a few mock ups and I’d like some feedback. 

First – here’s just the standard UI with the latest enhanced UI mod on.


No dialog box

Now – here’s the basic stat info that already exists in game, but you have to go through a few clicks to get to it

normal dialog box

As you can see, there’s some useful info there, but at least imo, its annoying to get to and its placed way to high in the UI.  If I wanted to just keep that functionality, I’d move the box to a better location.  If so, I’d mod it to look like this and have it automatically displayed without any clicks required.

Here’s what that would look like, roughly. 


So, I could just mod it like that and add in additional stats and make the dialog box larger/text small… w/e.  I could believe I could display similar teammate info (not sure if that info’s locked down or not atm.  But if its not, then I could make something like this:


Of course – that’s using up a ton of space and probably not ideal – but it tells you at a glance if you have a teammate with no armor, who’s got speed on your team, etc.  I potentially try to shrink down the dialog boxes so that all 5 would fit next to each other at the bottom. 

And last thought – I could try to modify the existing team panel so that all of these stats would be combined… that would look something like this:


Obviously, I’d pretty this up and you wouldn’t see the crazy distortions, but this way you’d get the portrait with hp/mana along with all the stats.

Here are a few of the new stats we could display if uberfix is used:

New BuffAffects:

  • EnergyAdd
  • EnergyLeech

Existing BuffAffects:

  • Absorption
  • AbsorptionMult
  • MagicResistance
  • MissChance
  • Invincible
  • StunImmune
  • DebuffImmune
  • BountyGivenMod
  • BountyReceivedMod

Weapon BuffAffects:

  • SplashMult
  • DamageRadius
  • FiringRandomness
  • MetaRadius
  • MetaAmount

Anyway, what do you guys think?  Is it just way too much clutter?  Does anyone else think having some of this info more easily accessible would be useful?  I’m not planning on moving on this quickly or anything, but I do want some feedback and to gauge interest.  Thanks for reading!  Also, if you have an idea for some data you’d like to see displayed that I didn’t mention, do tell.

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