[MOD] Enhanced Squelch/Chat


Demigod has had some issues with squelching and muting other players in chat.  Originally, you couldn’t squelch a player unless their name was all in lower case.  GPG released a patch way back that sorted that problem for us.  But, the system has never been all that friendly or easy to use on the fly.  That’s about to change thanks to miriyaka.

What’s it look like?

Here’s what happens when you type in /? in chat

List of commands

I’ll add a picture of how the ui looks when you run /pl later

What’s the point of the mod?

This mod simplifies the in game squelch/muting system and provides enhancements to the chat system.  It does the following:

  • Provides the ability to quickly squelch/mute players using a menu driven system
  • Provides the ability to quickly squelch/mute players using /s /i /squelch + player name
  • Creates a persistent list of players you’d like to see banned each game and mutes them at the start of the game
  • Creates a popup window at the start of a game so you know who you are muting in case you want to unmute them
  • Enables you to adjust the chat font size
  • Enables you to adjust the chat history timeout

The bottom line is that this mod enables you to quickly mute anyone in about 3-4 seconds without having to spell out the players entire name

Why make a mod?

It’s a logical addition that improves the Demigod UI.

What’s the most common use for this mod (or how should I use it?)

Open chat and type in /pl + enter.  Find the number associated with the player you want to mute.  Type /s + that number and hit enter.  Player is muted.  Type /s + that number to unmute

How do I use the mod?

Download the mod and run the installer.  Then, use the Demigod Mod manager to enable the mod. As this is a UI mod, all players DO NOT need to have this mod installed for you to use it.

Where can I download the mod?


Revision history

– Release version – no changes from test release version 0.02
– test release – minor change by miriyaka
– Initial test release

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