Updated Enhanced AI Mod

I created a post that tracks the history of the AI in Demigod and it covers a good chunk of the development that has already been handled by the modding community.  If you are interested, see over here for more details:  http://forums.demigodthegame.com/409712

The Project

Using the last version of peppe’s AI mod (0.26.35), I’ve started development on updated versions of the AI mod.  I’ll be releasing those versions here, tracking bugs, enhancement requests, rebalancing, etc.  I won’t be adding a new version to my combined DG installer until we make a decent amount of progress or come up with some sort of significant enhancement to justify a new release to the community at large.  It took us a long time to get reasonable adoption rate on the existing ai mod – I’d rather not force folks to redownload the bundle over and over.

The Project Team

  • Project lead:  pacov
  • Lead design/coder:  pacov
  • Lead support:  miriyaka – without miri, the majority of the changes we are looking at would not happen
  • Testers:  sledge, plaguewraith, and darkliath (on requests Surprised smile)
  • Contributors:  Lord_Orion

If you’d like to help in any way, we are happy to have you on the team.

Current status (what’s being worked on)

  • Build updates (removing inefficient builds and replacing them with new ones)
  • Reprioritization of citadel upgrades, items, trips to the shop
  • Implementing a fix for AI’s with summonable minions so that they do not waste mana summoning more after the have created the max number of minions (miri created some code and I’m looking to make it work)
  • Recoding the ShouldSave functionality to improve the coding efficiency and gives us additional flexibility.  If we get this working, it will be a very solid improvement and provide more options.

Bug list (unless otherwise noted, these are all bugs from the original 0.26.35 version)

  • Stuck AI – the AI can get stuck on occasion for > 30 seconds
  • Poor scaling based on AI difficulty
  • Not enough shopping trips for the AI unless it is killed or sent back the base with low HP (eg an AI could have 10k gold and still not attempt to shop and get better items)
  • AI is not always getting fs1 in a timely manner (resolved in 0.26.38)
  • Some abilities are not being used as often as they should (a sedna, for instance, with pounce as her only ability would use it once in a blue moon)
  • Some abilities are being used at inappropriate items and wasting mana as a result
  • Customized settings often throw the AI off.  For instance, if you set a game to being at WR10, the AI don’t shop (not sure if we want to try to code this to cover all possible settings)
  • AI standing around at the shop at the beginning of the game (introduced in 0.26.38 – happens randomly and seems to only impact 1 ai on a team)

Enhancement requests (these are changes that folks would like to see happen with the AI)

  • Better healer distribution.  The over all goal would be to ensure that monks/clerics/etc are sent to appropriate players.  The basic code works fine, so this is a lower priority change imo.
  • Improve da’s shadow swap usage – plaguewraith suggests removing it completely from his build (might be a good temporary solution until we can tackle this)
  • Better creep farming with skills.  Plaguewraith indicated that he never saw a tb use circle of fire to farm.  This is something we could tweak, but we’d need to think it through
  • Lord-Orion suggests we remove all ub builds except for Spit/Ooze life
  • Lord-Orion suggests we optimize all builds for skill dmg output as the AI cannot currently rationalize like a human can. 
  • Lord-Orion suggests we go with a basic item prioritization of 4 life/1 helm builds – I agree to some extent…
  • Come up with a way for the ai’s to intelligently chain stuns or interrupts to go for kills.  In theory, the AI could be even better than a human at this if it was tied to precise timing
  • Teach the AI to teleport for ganks (this could be tricky – would probably result in a lot of pointless tp’s)
  • Find a way to help the AI manage mana better.  Early game the ai’s are almost always out of mana
  • Teach the AI when to shop!
  • Have the AI always engage a simple enemy opponent if on a flag if hp is good, etc
  • Have the AI choose to engage towers on a regular basis
  • Have the AI refuse to run past towers in most circumstances and instead TARGET THE TOWER if no dgs around
  • Improve cataract map logic – the ai often goes into the middle of the map instead of staying in a lane.  This is probably due to the proximity of the creeps when the ai is working on capturing the middle flag (or if all flags are controlled by their team).  Ideal behavior would be to try to capture the middle flag and if its already controlled, then get into a lane on HP or Mana.
  • Override the flee functionality if there is an enemy dg and its likely possible to get a kill
  • Better decision making for flags – Ai heading over from mana side all the way to Hp without capturing mana.  this is likely due to flag weights… just not sure why it didn’t evaluate hp as the priority initially – could be some conflicting code?
  • Send the AI back to base if its low mana (sledge) – We might do something for this, but it would have to be a conditional statement – perhaps add a check to see if they are at low mana around X Ws have > X money, then run back and prioritze getting a helm as an override
  • Plaguewraith suggests removing mist from erb’s build – I’m not sure about this yet.  He says remove it or build a routine to cause erb to use it just to get rid of negative buffs – I agree that we could use a routine like that.
  • Encourage the AI to react quickly if they are losing a flag that is near 2 or more towers (eg gold flag)
  • Increase the frequency that the AI picks up sigils – not sure about this one – I agree a good player should generally have one, but the AI might just blow a lot of money casting when it doesn’t need to and fall behind as a result.  Perhaps this becomes a conditional statement to raise the priority after ws X
  • Add an override so the ai will only go for flags like gold if the tower is down.  Add another override so the ai doesn’t go for portals early (probably WS related)
  • plaguewraith – delete the tb builds and just stick with 1 fire tb build

Change log

version 0.26.39
pacov is learning things…
– reprioritized AI to purchase fs1 at ws2.  Previously, it only purchased it if made it back to base with enough money; this forces it back to base to get it if no one else has
– raised priority for currency 2.  Logic mirrors currency 1 as I want this purchased every time.  Also sending ai with the most gold to purchase at ws 5.
– removed assassin sedna build until I have a chance to look at the pounce training – assassin sed should be pouncing left and right… right now its like once in a blue moon – heal_tank sedna is solid though

version 0.26.38
removed unitstatussensors code – concerned it might be causing an issue
– tweaked erebus build so that he gets mass charm later – he’s not using it well as is

version 0.26.37
bugfix – just resolving a sytax issue

version 0.26.36
copy of peppe’s version 0.26.35
– removed 3 old sedna ability builds
– added 2 new sedna ability builds
– removed old qot ability builds
– added new qot ability build
– removed 2 old erebus ability builds
– added 2 new erebus ability builds
– uncommented some code peppe developed in UnitStatusSensors that might help resolve the frozen dgs
*note – all builds that have been added by me will be announced in team chat at the start of the game and will say “pacov” folowed by the build name.

Download links:

Link to the latest version of the mod:  http://www.box.net/shared/g8lbbhpojik4tbkjn6su

Link to the prioritization spreadsheet:  https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An02sqdF5v-EdFdzMENSTlRsTEhJV2tlMjltSUpNUGc&hl=en_US

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